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How to Make Money with a Website

The reason why so many people who want to be rich by doing something on the internet fail to do so is not the lack of information but the lack of proper guidance and proper information. This is what people are usually thinking: “if I will get enough information I will know how to make money online”. But that is not true. You can have 10 or 50 books on how to make money yet you won’t be any closer until you actually know how you can make money online and then you actually start doing it and finish it. One simple book that explains one method in a practical way is all you really need, no more than that and it is the most valuable thing there is.

What you really need is someone to tell you exactly how to make money online and nothing more than that. If I am making money this way and many others do successfully and it is simple to apply, why would I want to tell you anything else or anything more in the first place? Your biggest desire is to know how to make money and then actually do it – and the answer how to actually do it will follow.

This book could not be any longer because it covers and explains everything you really should know to make money the way the online riches are doing it. The way that is approachable by anyone regardless of their status and starting point. Which means that this book is exactly for you. When I first started out on my first website I spent about $50 to begin with and I never spent more than. Later in the process when I have realized that I can save almost all of my dedicated time if I outsource most of my work and make even more money faster, I stared to reinvest pretty much all of my income generated through my website. That made things go faster and hands-free. It is inexpensive to begin with and simple to make money online.

In order to really do it in practice you need very little starting knowledge. In fact this book will give you plenty of knowledge. Those who are selling you an enormous amount of information for enormous price are usually those who never teach you enough of the practical steps but guide you in the circles and charge you at least 3 or 4 times in the process starting with $47, continuing with $97, then $297, then $997 and finally with $1997 of products and services all connected one after the other. All of which are designed specifically not to give you everything you need so that you have to buy the next package or get out of the game. They state it is very important that you pay for all of it if you want to be successful online, otherwise forget it.

Those are perfect marketing schemes to get really rich on inexperience of people. You do not need to pay even close to such amounts to begin the easy way and get rich online. This is a lie and anyone trying to sell you into such systems is simply using such system to get rich. And few percent of people do succeed at the end from it for some time, but only from the 98% of people who initially paid the first or second upsell and don’t get anywhere else than that.

So, let me start guiding you in the direction that you should really be going to in order to make money online, which is having proper knowledge, creativity and will for implementation, and not part of giving money to someone without knowing what you will get by it. If those expensive systems would make sense and would be designed for everyone then everyone would get rich, not just 2% of people or even less. This is an obvious sign that people are not prepared to pay few thousand US dollars just so they can learn the things they can learn for free.

On the internet, things work the same way as in a real world. The difference is in the way that information travel and how we reach each other, but you still make money the same way in concept. Internet is simply a technology or international network of waves travelling from one device to another device. On these devices (computers – servers), information are stored and through websites (properties) we access all the information.

Without a particular website that belongs to somebody, you cannot really use the internet, can you? It all happens through this media. There is nothing else to use the internet for. Each website is a property, or the address on its own like in a real world so you know who and where somebody is located in order to reach them.

Many people do not understand what means to make money online in the first place. They think of it as some new, completely different, futuristic ways of making money, while the principle works the same as in a material world. Internet only opens new doors and make things much easier and approachable, which are already present and used in the world. There are many ways of making money that become easily available to you through internet.

With internet things become almost cost-free in both time and money and accessible to everyone in the whole world in a blink of an eye, costing the owner a miniature fraction of his money if he sells one digital product to one person or one hundred digital products to one hundred people anywhere on the world. In brick-and-mortar world, costs usually increase with every single product that is sold. Storage costs, maintenance costs, overhead costs, rental costs and so on increase as more things are sold. On the internet, costs are almost non-existent regardless of the income generated, depending also on what exactly it is that you are doing.

You can start your own business on its own actual property right now in a physical world, but the process can be time consuming and highly expensive just to begin with. On the internet you can do the same, open up the same business, but instead of using a material property and a building, you use a website. The costs are so minimal that you would not count them as expenses. You can fully start and launch a website in less than an hour or 30 minutes with very little preparation and knowledge to begin with. In fact, I will tell you how easy and necessary that is if you have any wish of short and long term success in your life.

Having your own website is like having your own property with something on it, be it store, cinema, bookstore, library, a hotel, or a house to sell and rent out. It will serve you very well for many years and decades into the future. The more rooms hotel has or more seats a cinema has, or more books a bookstore have, more money can be made. The more pages and useful content a website has, the more people will get to a website as a result and more money can be made from those people. Just like in brickand-mortar business. More clients, more money.

Like in a real world, you are offering something to the people through your website. And just as in a real world, a website owner can hire other people to take care of certain aspects of the website and the business behind it. Like updating information, dealing with the technical stuff, dealing with customer support, dealing with business partners, planning, marketing, recruiting and many more. In our case, there are no such things as we deal with a website in a much more sophisticated way.

Just as in a real world you can make money by being an employer of somebody else or by doing things for yourself, calling yourself a business owner. A line between self-employed and a business owner is very blurry on the internet because you can become a millionaire without ever hiring a single person and making little of money by having hundreds of people working for you. It all depends what kind of business model of making money you are following.

Once again, you can make money online by being an employer of somebody’s website or by having your own online business. I call it a business because that is what it is. But just because you call it a business it doesn’t mean that you have to invest a lot of money or deal with anything you don’t want to. You do not have to hire any people, talk to anyone personally, or be afraid of losing something. In fact, many people already have their websites to use just for fun and as a hobby and don’t even realize that they have a golden mine waiting to be exploited.

I have tried several ways of making money online in the past as a freelancer by doing various things, but by doing so, it all comes down to being an employer without much freedom or recurring income. The only benefit of this is that you can do things when you want them or where you want them, but you still have to work a lot just to live. So, this is a big NO for me and most likely for you too. And it is pointless because you can work much less and invest no extra money at all to make much more money if you use the same skills to build your own website instead of somebody else’s website.

My big advice is to run your website for fun and for money, because making money online is really fun when you are doing interesting things with little work and no stress alongside and make a lot of money in the process.

Now, understand that people come to the internet to do one or both of the following:

  • To find and take part of something for free (info, music, videos, etc…)
  • Or to buy something (clothes, shoes, a car, a house, a music DVD, cosmetics, food, digital products etc…)

Many times, they come to look for free information and they end up buying something. This is where you will come in the game. You will offer free information to people in the niche you feel comfortable writing about and at the same time you will offer additional products and information for a cost – not your own products, but other people’s products for a commission. Depending on which niche you will be in, there is more money in some and less money in others, but you can definitely make a fortune in any niche.

Some money will also come to you through advertisements placed on your website, which is the simplest thing to do and will not cost visitors of your websites any money, but it will cost the advertiser who will pay to advertise his business on your website.

All of the income that you make with your website can be hands-free, recurring, and growing, meaning that you do not do any work for the income itself, but for the content you put on your website and the visitors that will come to your website. Once you are getting certain amount of money, you will get the same amount of money the next month without doing any extra work for it – therefore, recurring.

This is the genius model behind making money with a website. It completely destroys the idea of working for money, because you are only doing as much as you want and you are working for the increase of money on top of what you are already getting from the work from the past.

So you understand why so many “bloggers” and website owners who are and were average people like yourself make tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars every month by doing simple but consistent things that absolutely everyone can do.

The reason why so many people search for ways to make money online and never really get anywhere further than some freelancing for cheap or filling out surveys or running in circles is because they have no idea how simple and easy is to grow big and stay big with little to do and they do not believe they can do it in the first place. We are all purposefully thought into belief that we should go after employment and building careers because this is what the people who controls the system want. Being rich and living in abundance is being talked about as if it is only for some people and you will most likely not be one of them. The system forces us to go to school, have good grades so we can have a better education and employment than the person next to you and be “secure” working 9 – 5 for the many decades into the future.

We all admire and look up to the rich people and dream about how nice it would be to be like them so we can be free, do what we want and enjoy our lives. Many are envy the rich people yet alone do nothing to get out of their “security” and become rich themselves because they do not even think that they could do it themselves. Usually people convince themselves that they are okay with what they have but the reality is completely different. They are absolutely not happy with how they live and what they have to do just to survive and not live the life they want. Human need freedom and abundance to enjoy the life. We are born free but system is controlled and designed in such a way that does not allow people to see that. Now, everything goes by telling little children before they can even understand what they should do and how they should be and what they can and what they cannot do until they become like this and serve the people who control everything. Many will resist as it is their right and nature to be a human and some of them will succeed. I am one of them.

The world is not designed to teach children about making money and being independent but about a certain topic in order to make them into more efficient and more obedient workforce.

With financial independence you don’t get only money and you certainly don’t become bad. Many false advertising want you to believe so, but the truth is you get everything. Ultimate freedom, space, nature, love with whomever you want as a result of your positive vibration, true loving friends, more world to see, more experiences to experience and do what you want not what somebody else wants you to do.

Whatever you think you can do in life, I will tell you that you can do even more. The reason why you already don’t have as much money as you want and do what you want – you never began to go in such direction, you never began learning since you did all of the other things that are already predestined for only one thing – employment.

Do not be deceived into thinking that the system is designed for your good. We do not need system for our good – quite the opposite. But the world is under this heavy “management” and there is little one can do about it. People are also so much afraid of losing their jobs and of authority that they want to “protect” their children as much as they can by not letting them be what they want to be but make them into the serving, obedient, full of fear and corrupt being. This is the main reason why so many families have conflicts within. They are so afraid on their own and they project those fears onto the young.

You must seek supportive relationships, not the ones that tell you to do something different from what you want for yourself. No one in this world can know better what is good for you than yourself. Listen to yourself and be with the people that will support you in your choices. Making money might be the most important part of your life, because without it, not even love will matter if you die from hunger, right? So, make these choices in your life the smart way. Make money in such a way that does not conflict with your desires. Internet is probably the best way you can choose these days for this matter and the easiest as well.

It is important that you are aware of the reasons for your material stand at this moment because it is the main reason why you are not already rich, free and do the things you wanted since you were a little kid. You came here to find out how to make money online because you know from within that you must have abundance, freedom and do what you love.

Making money online is one of the easiest ways to begin a path of success if not the easiest one and it will make your way faster and more secure than any other way. Going through public education and then getting a job is the hardest, least rewarding and the most expansive of all the ways. You have to understand one thing. If you are so much in a hurry to make money online that you do not want to do what you have to do to get rich in a decent amount of time then you might not get to the end of is and can find yourself keep looking for fast ways to make money without actually making any.

Website vs. Blog

Many people think there is a big difference between having a website or having a blog. They are the same in majority of ways. Website is a site on the web. So, every address could be called a website even if there is nothing on it, just an empty site. Blog is a website that has content added to it on a regular basis and shown to people logged by date, therefore they call it a (b)log, short from weblog. But it is still a normal website. You will see the latest posts first and the oldest posts last. It is this usability that changes the name, not the functionality or looks of a website.

How Do You Make Money With Your Website?

This is the question I have already addressed at the beginning of the book by giving people information on the subject you are interested in and of course on the subject they are looking information for and turn your visitors into your growing income. This will be your work in majority – giving people what they want by writing on the subjects you are interested in. Putting some ads to your website and copy/paste some lines of text to make money is the least you will do.

The majority of your work will be to post one high quality article per day containing some pictures and/or videos with a good answer to the question people are asking. How do you know what people are looking for? Luckily enough there are many tools designed exactly for this purpose. The only tool you will ever need is a tool from Google.com called Google Keyword Planner. You will have to register with it in order to use their services but it is done in no time.

They will show you every single keyword and keyword phrases that people all around the world are searching for using Google.com search engine and give you statistics on the amount of searches done each month, plus some other statistics that will not be important in our case.

There are many other search engines in the world, but Google.com is accounted for more searches than all the other engines combined, so it is the only significant tool you should be using.

If you feel frightened by the new things coming to your life, relax, because you will have a lot of fun and make a lot of money with this simple to use tool. It will be the most important tool you will need to use and probably the only one.

What Do You Have To Do First?

First of all, you need to decide what you want to write about. It can be about anything, and since it can be about anything I will not mention some of the subjects, obviously. There should be a lot to write about in your niche so you can write hundreds of articles in the future, and also try to have an idea that there are decent amount of things that people can buy in your niche – which will also be used to make money with your website.

Once you know what you want your website to be about, you need to set it up. With professional web hosting company all of this will be done for you. Web hosting company is the company that will host all of your files needed to run your website.

If you are looking for free website hosting, look no more as there are none. Free website hosting means renting part of the property of somebody else. You are not the owner of a free hosted website so you are always at risk of losing all of your work for any reason whatsoever – it happens many times. You need to sign up with professional web hosting if you want to have a serious website on your own.

I recommend you to sign up with iPage that offer unlimited hosting and will give you your first domain name of your choice free of charge. Domain name is the address of your website such as www.domainname.com or www.mywebsite.org. Choose this name wisely as it cannot be changed later, but do not be afraid to get it wrong. It is not a quiz so anything can work as long as it makes sense to you and to other people, is easy to remember and it will say a bit about your website. It is best if you can include the word/s of your niche in this name so it will make the most sense. If you want to write about “gardening” you could have a website named www.gardeningadvice.com and then give advice on many of the aspects of gardening.

When you are registering with iPage they will ask you to choose the domain name and put in your purchase information. This is an easy and fast process. Once you are done you will be the owner of your very own domain name. What a relief that will be.

You should then install a WordPress (WP) engine straight away to your new domain name. WP installation is fully automated and free done by iPage. You need to log-in to your account, and choose WordPress from the dashboard. The process will be guided and done for you. You will only need to choose the username and a password. WordPress is highly popular engine to power your website in full so you do not need to deal with any coding or graphical things. It is simple to use as much as your email tools are. Design can easily be changed with few clicks of buttons.

Power up Your Website

By now, you have decided which topic to write about so you should start doing so. You have a website fully set up so you can proceed. Make a plan about categorizing your content and create the categories within the WordPress dashboard accordingly. Then, start writing content. Write as much or as little as you want. Success will not be dependent on how fast you do things or how much, but it will definitely come sooner or later depending on your speed. You should write at least one article every day from now on so that you constantly engage your readers with new and interesting content. It should take you no more than 30 to 60 minutes per day or less to do so. I will explain more about proper content creation soon.

For those of you who are wondering whether you should present yourself and use your name and your background on it, the answer is no. You never need to tell people who you are or what you are doing. Nobody really cares about this. People want solutions not the names of the authors. This might be contrary to general belief but it is a reality. Some bloggers will say one things, some will say something else. What matters is the quality of information. I never present myself and this is why you cannot find me on the internet. I do not care nor want any publicity just making money the way I want.

I have tested websites one way and the other and it didn’t impact statistics at all. Is it good for business not to say who is behind a blog? Absolutely. It is best to speak of yourself as we when you do so and do not provide any names, so it gives impression of larger group of specialists. It will not be an important factor at all, since people want good, helpful content to read, which is true. The more content you will have the more authorized your website will be and more people will come to it. The quality of the content is the most important factor of all, and next, the visual aspect.

Install a Theme

You can and should install a beautiful design, which in WordPress is referred to as a theme. You can get many themes for free or pay for a better serving one if you look for them on the internet. I recommend getting one from mythemeshop.com, either a free one or pay for one. But free themes are just as good.

A custom theme will greatly enhance the visual and functional aspect of your website. And this is very important so that people get attracted to your site immediately upon seeing it. Using WordPress engine to power up your site is not only user friendly but a swift and free (or cheap) solution to fully power up your website without having to deal with any coding, programming or graphic design.

Install Plugins

Next, install the following plugins for a better and smoother functionality of your site. Plugin is a little extra that adds extra functionality to your blog. There are so many plugins to be found on the internet that you could not go through them all. But in our case there are only few that are important to have. You will find them if you search for their names in Google search.

  • First, you will find Akismet plugin already installed. You have to activateit and register with their services. This little plugin will prevent from spam comments to appear on your pages. Very useful.
  • Second, you should install a WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, which willenable certain aspects to be customizable and will increase the search engine friendliness.
  • Third, you should install one of the floating social buttons plugins thatwill add a cool floating box of social sites to the left side of your posts for people to easily share your pages with their followers on social sites. AddToAny is one of such great plugins. AddThis offers great floating boxes as well, but for premium service they charge a fee.

This is pretty much all you need to do to fully power up your website. You have now everything to begin the path of building content – this will be the fun and easy process but of course it will take some time before you will start receiving decent amount of visitors and turn them into money.

Making a Research

Your first and most important task for the time being should be building content and getting more and more people to see it. This is what will really make you money so make sure you do it every day.

Concentrate on providing people what they want. Do a research with Google Keyword Planner about what people are looking for in your niche. Which keyword phrases are they typing in the search box in order to find what they want? Those keyword phrases are the most important for you as you will write your articles based on them.

If your website is about gardening then you should look for all the keywords containing the term “garden” and “gardening”. There will be many. In hundreds. Such as: “how to take care of my garden in winter” or, “use garden to grow food”, or “how to make organic garden” and many more. Since your website is new and fresh you are still unknown to people and search engines – they will not show your pages in the search results on the first page immediately just because your content exist. There are many other websites with similar or the same content and maybe they are around for a long time already so their content is a priority to be shown to people.

But is it hard for your articles to rank high in search engines and get all that free traffic of people that are searching for the terms your articles are optimized for? Not at all. Easier than it sounds.

Since your website is new it will take some time (maybe days, maybe weeks, maybe more) that your content will start ranking. Why? First of all, Google and other search engines must see that you are a serious website providing serious information. As long as there is no word about you they consider you as not popular enough to show it to the people. Once they see that your website is getting fresh new content over and over again and constantly growing, the trust in it will grow as well. So, for new websites, this is the reality and it is a good thing nevertheless as it gives you the time to polish things along the way as you build up your rankings.

You must concentrate on the keywords that are long, very long if possible. The longer the keywords that people are searching for, more specific they get and less competition they have on the internet, easier they are to target and easy to rank higher.

This is how we bring it down:

  1. Garden – the basic keyword
  2. Organic garden – more specific keyword
  3. Grow an organic garden – even more specific keyword
  4. How to grow your own organic garden – it asks the same question as the one above but it has “stop” words included which are not ignored by the search engines, so use them.
  5. How to start an organic garden and grow your own food – this is a very long tail keyword, meaning it has many words, and a good choice to begin with.

Many times when you are searching for a particular keyword in search engines, you will not find any pages in the search results that would contain your keyword in full and may even seem as none really answers your question. Optimizing articles on such long tail keywords that no one really writes about will be an immediate boost of traffic to your website. It won’t seem like a lot of traffic, but due to the simplicity of getting such traffic, it pays off to build content around such keywords and get many visitors through many articles instead of getting a lot of visitors through just one article. That requires much more work on one single piece.

How do you build content around those long-tail keywords properly? There are some rules you must follow to be relaxed and avoid any possible negative outcomes. You see, in the past, keyword optimization, majorly called Search Engine Optimization was very straightforward and easy. You would fill your content with keywords that people are searching for and get as many other websites linking to you with the same keywords and you would have high rankings and a lot of free traffic in no time. Getting rich online was simple back then, but these days it might be even simpler if you do things the right way. Mostly because there is now less things to manipulate and more things to use your creativity for. Instead of concentrating too much on the SEO, you can write your posts naturally as it comes to you so you really provide high quality content and not robotized content.

You should do things that majority of people won’t and you will have a very easy time making money. Most people who begin and especially the savvy user want to rank for high or medium search volume keywords, because they think that more people are searching for it, more money they can make. But that is far from being simple. More people are searching for a particular keyword, more and stronger competition there will be, harder and longer it will take to rank for such keywords and you have to do much more things to reap the rewards. As a beginner it is easier to go after the keywords that don’t get much if any attention. This way, you have much less to do to get new readers and have time to concentrate on building new and fresh content every day and do some little of the marketing aside.

You can reap big rewards on long-tail, low search volume keywords that mostly nobody wants to optimize their content for since they have so little searches. Many new website owners want to enter high competition level due to their inexperience and miss the easy opportunities where they really are. For you, this means you have your golden mine. If you do a research you will find out that many hundreds of people search for something using long tail keyword variations that nobody is really writing articles for. This will be your starting point until you are getting decent amount of traffic to your website.

This kind of strategy works great to begin with a new blog. Start where no competition exist. If you do a Google search for some long tail keyword you will see that there are many more variations of your original long tail keyword that have so few searches that Google don’t even show them in their keyword statistics. But at the end all those long-tail keywords can add up to a hundreds of searches per month, which will bring much more visitors to your blog from what you have initially thought it will. With some little marketing (if and where necessary) you can have a golden mine in decently short amount of time.

How to Build Your Content Properly

Now, your articles in majority should contain some pictures and/or videos where appropriate. This is a good way to enhance the visual aspect of your posts but also to provide a graphical information. Now, regarding the keywords, use the whole keyword exactly as it is searched for. Do not mix words or leave something out. Include the keyword in the tile together with some other words to make a full descriptive title of your post. The keyword itself should also be used in the URL of your page.

If you choose a keyword “start your own organic garden”, you can make a title look something like: “How to Start Your Own Organic Garden and Eat Fresh and Healthy”. As you can see, we have used the keyword in full but made title more descriptive. This is also a good practice which prevents it to look like we willingly want to manipulate the search engines by overstuffing with keywords in order to get better outcome in their search results.

The important part is that the whole long-tail keyword is present in the title. The URL could look something like this: www.yourwebsite.com/how-tostart-your-own-organic-garden/” – an excellent choice and it also includes the keyword “how to start your own organic garden”.

Your body of the article should ideally contain your keyword phrase in full several times throughout it. Use it no more than once for every 100 words on average. All of this optimization is very important to do so that search engines know exactly what your content is about. It is how it is and it is only good to do so.

Keyword optimization is just as important as high quality of the content itself. You simply tell Google and the rest what your page is about. Without it, you do not have any benefit, people don’t have any benefit by missing out on amazing content, and Google is giving poorer articles from other websites to their searches which influence user experience in a negative way. So you are doing everyone a big favor by optimizing your high-quality articles.

Many times it is best that you simply write your article without thinking of your keyword and at the end rewrite certain sentences so they include your desired phrase. If you need new ideas or tips just look for other people’s articles on the same subject and use it to build your own unique peace – a good practice to follow so that you stay with the flow of time and don’t fall behind.

Building Reputation

Now, you understand the big part of owning and running a website and how simple it is. Once you will do it as far as having few articles on it, it will become an everyday thing. Your website hosting company power up your website, and all you will have to do is publish one post per day on average – or more if you want.

For the first few weeks of starting a website, this should be all you should concentrate on –building your content and marketing it. Now, how do you market your content, or in other words, how do you get market to see your website and come to it? Firstly, as I have already discussed into details, by optimizing your articles for the long-tail, low-search-volume keywords that people are already searching for that have no significant competition, and secondly, get links from other websites linking to yours.

Links are like a word of mouth. If more people are talking about you, it means you have something good to share and therefore search engines will trust you and will show your pages first in their search results when somebody is looking for the same information. Building links and having your pages increase in their ranking is just as easy as any other task with your website. You are targeting the market where competition is low, so many times you will get traffic without doing any marketing whatsoever. With aged websites that have a big presence in the market, new optimized articles can get immediate attention in the search engines with no additional work.

The easiest and secure way is to get some extra articles on other people’s websites with the link back to your original article. Every link counts as one source talking about you. More trustworthy the source is, greater impact it has on your own reputation. Having a full article written on someone else’s website that links to you is counted as the most significant link. Naturally, in time, links are and will be coming from countless of websites in countless of forms but you help to get things running much faster by doing this task yourself at the beginning.

To avoid being seen as if your intention is solely to manipulate search engines to show your content first, your links should not be optimized for your desired keywords as much as your articles originally are. Why? Because naturally people do not know what keywords you want to rank for and they do not care. They link to your content because it is good and they want to share it with the others, either with the plain URL, “click here” or “read more” kind of links, all kind of text that may not even be relevant, or with the title of your post, but almost never with the desirable keyword itself. And you should be doing the same. Search Engines have a very strong algorithm to detect websites that have an unnatural linking profile stuffed with exact keyword matches, so they devalue their content.

The following is the best mixture of link types pointing to your website and its pages:

  • Only about 5% of your links should contain the exact match keyword youwant to rank for. If you want to rank the highest for the keyword “gardening”, then this is what you should include into your link.
  • About 5% of links should contain your keyword variation, meaning that ithas some other words added to the main keyword, such as “top gardening tips”.
  • About 20% of your links should be “generic” links, meaning that theycontain words like “click here”, “go to”, “visit this link”, “get more info”, “click here to read more” and similar, but not your keyword.
  • About 20% of your links should be plain URL such as: “www.yourwebsite.com”, “www.yourwebsite.com/”,

“http://www.yourwebsite.com”, or “http://www.yourwebsite.com/”.

  • And about 50% of your links should be brand name keywords – the mostimportant ones. If the name of your website is: www.myorganicgarden.com, then your brand name is “myorganicgarden”.

To remain pure and safe, this is the link profile your website should have. Additionally, having about 50% of your links contain “nofollow” attribute is another important practice to follow. This is a little html code that is added to the link code by the webmaster or by you if you have an ability to choose, and it tells search engines not to follow the link and not to pass on the current website’s authority onto yours. Due to this, such links will not have much power, but they will greatly add to the natural appearance of your linking profile.

All in all, you should always first put your attention on consistency and quality of your website. This way you will greatly increase the natural links coming from people who will also value your content. Social sites are the easiest way to share any page with your social profile friends and followers, which is why I mentioned that you should install social plugin to your WordPress blog to make it available to your readers. It will make things easier and people can immediately share your content with their hundreds or thousands of friends and followers with a single click of a button. This is one thing to take care of at the beginning and it will be one source of links and visitors.

Secondly, to return to my previous discussion, you can speed things up by posting some articles to other websites. Article directories were quite popular in the past but not so much anymore, but you can still use them to post some unique articles on them and link back to your website with any kind of link, as long as the article is relevant to your original content. Moreover, you should reach out to other webmasters directly and ask them if you can write and publish your posts as a guest on their blog and link to your own pages. The easiest is to search for websites that already state on their own that they accept guest posts, and if you go to Google and search for “guest post Your Keyword”, you will find exactly that – websites in your niche that accept guest posts. Write something great and send it to them following their guidelines. Wait what happens, and if nothing happens move to the next blog, since there are many more to go after. This is the best way to get high-quality links from already trusted sources.

Additionally, you can engage with forums as well as comment on other people’s websites where you are allowed to mention your website. Although I am pretty sure that Search Engines do not put much if any value to links such as this, since they know how easily they are gained, it can still help if you do it in moderation.

All of these methods combined, together with proper optimization of your pages and consistency in adding new posts will get you positive results sooner than later. I have done so with every of my websites and it always worked flawlessly. This is how internet works these days and by following the normal, allowed practices you will stay bulletproof for the future.

Do not be concerned with getting traffic. People will come if you follow my advice and don’t rush into things at any point in the process. Expansion will get to the point when you will say that now is the time to start getting money from all of your readers. If you will be using WordPress blog engine as I recommend it you should also enable JetPack plugin so that you can see statistics on the visitors such as what your readers are searching for to get to your pages, how many people read which article and more.

I think that until you are several weeks in the game or until you have at least decent amount of visitors per day, you would not be making any significant amount of money and it is a good practice that you don’t include any advertisements or product offers so early in the process as this might ring some alarms as to what is the real purpose of your website – Is it solely to make money from every corner of your site or to provide valuable information? The latter must be shown as a newcomer.

Making Money

This is what you are here for. You should understand until now what the main reason of your website is and what you should be doing. Making money is the easy part, in fact, so easy that you will not be really doing anything at all except for the part that is not making you money directly.

If you have visitors, making money is automatic and hands-free. If you have no visitors, then whatever you do, money will not come. So once again, concentrate all of your attention to providing valuable content that is optimized for the easy-to-rank search terms people are looking for and to get some links to your pages from other sources. To make money you must simply apply certain strategies that will work on their own. This is how your website will make money for you and not the other way around.

There are three main simple things you should do to start making money from your readers:

  1. Advertisements
  2. Sign-Up Form
  3. Affiliate Marketing

1. Advertisements

First, advertisements. They are the simplest way of making recurring income without any additional work spent. But also the least rewarding. If your reader’s base is large, income from this will also be large. On average you can get several dollars, or several tens of dollars for every 1000 visitors that come to your site. If you have 100.000 visitors in some month you can earn several hundred dollars or more than a thousand for that month just from advertising. Getting at least so many visitors is easy in some time. Those numbers wary for a lot of reasons and there is no sure way of putting it.

Go to Google AdSense and sign-up. You can use and connect the same account you used for Google Keyword Planner (which is part of AdWords). AdSense is a network of advertisers (who use the other part of it called AdWords) and the biggest in the world, where keywords are the integral part. Every advertiser is trying to get most targeted visitors so they bid on certain keywords and create ads around them. When you as a publisher add code from Google to your page the ads from those advertisers will be shown automatically based on the keywords of your page. When some of your visitors see an interesting link, they will click on it. For every click that happens, you get paid for it. It can be as low as $0.10 per click or as high as several tens of dollars per click – depending on the niche.

You will see that adding AdSense code provided by them to your pages requires no knowledge of it. It is just a copy/paste process. You will be able to place a maximum of 3 ad boxes to every single page and have a choice to fully customize them. Choose among picture ad or text ads. When selecting text ads, make sure that you use the same font, size and colors as the text on your website so that ads blend seamlessly in your content for maximum benefit.

One box of text ads at the beginning of the article aligned to left and one text box at the end of the article aligned to right work the best. This is where the eyes of the reader begin and eyes of the reader end. Placing one more image ad in the sidebar is the last thing you need to do. If you will need help with placing ads to the content in WordPress, you can look for info in the Google, since this is a bit too technical stuff to discuss it in my book. Professional themes from mythemeshop.com that I recommended have this done automatically for you so you only need to copy/paste the codes from AdSense into the fields provided.

This is all you need to get done with advertising for the rest of your life. Once you paste the codes to your website they will show on every article and for every new article you will add. There will be nothing else you will need to do ever again. You will only reap more money from it with more readers you will get.

2. Sign-Up Form

You must have a sign-up form on your website that will allow your visitors to sign-up with your blog. This is easiest done by using Aweber Email Marketing Services that do all of the hard part for you. You can create signup forms to your liking and put the code to your website where you want it. Emails will be gathered automatically and you will be able to send every email to all of your subscribers at once using simple to use tools. No more hassle with sending emails the old way. If you sign up with Aweber you will need to pay $1 for the first month and then about $20 for every following month. You can cancel at any time if you will not like their services. The amount of money you can make from your list of subscribers is astonishing so this small cost doesn’t mean anything.

Once you set up your first campaign on Aweber and set up your sign-up form it will remain there forever. Emails will be gathered automatically. All you will have to do is to set up automatic messages (if you will want to) and send emails to your subscribers all at once.

The best practice to follow is to send out emails talking about your latest post and linking to it every day to constantly keep your readers engaged. In some, not every email, you will be offering them something to buy. This is how many website owners make their big money – from the people who have signed-up with their email newsletter. You can start your emails by giving them some great free info or by telling them about your latest post, and at the same time offering them a great product that deals exactly with the same question your free information is about. From time to time you will send emails compiled only for the sake of giving people a great product to buy. This is a proven way to make a ton of money overnight.

If you are wondering what kind of products I am talking about I will tell you they will be the products from other people. In short, affiliate marketing. This is the process of promoting and selling someone else’s products in return for a commission for every sale that you make. This is the easy way of making money without dealing with the product creation. You will simply refer people to the seller’s page with the affiliate link and that is all of the work you will need to do.

For example, if you only have 1.000 subscribers they are worth about $10.000 a year through promotional emails. Do you imagine how much that is if you have 10.000 or even 100.000 subscribers? Getting a lot of subscribers is the true goal of your website. You can get so far in less than a year – or more than a year. It is completely up to you, but with consistency, no matter if slow way or fast way, you will get there. You should be thinking about the future at all times, because once you are at the desired monthly income you can easily quit your job if you happen to be at one and never take an employment ever again in your life. Moreover, your income will be growing each month and each year.

3. Affiliate Marketing

As I have just talked about it in the previous chapter, affiliate marketing means marketing products as an affiliate of the company who owns the product. They are the ones who deal with the creation and sales and delivery of the products, and they hire other people who would sell products for them in exchange for the commission for every product they sell. In a material world, such model is very old. We all know about joining with companies of cosmetic products and household products and trying to sell them to other people. We get a commission for each sale. Online things work the same way but at the speed of light, reaching the masses.

In the real world, selling physical products is a highly tedious task and requires a lot of our time and preparation and we have to approach every person individually or a group of people at once, wasting our time hoping that somebody will buy something. Online, we spend about 5 minutes to compose an email and with a click of a button send it to all of our subscribers at once. The next day we see thousands of dollars in sales from those people. How about that? It is so easy once there is a large database of real people’s emails in our possession who are constantly looking to buy something new to answer their questions.

But sending emails to your subscribers is not the only way to make money with affiliate marketing. Just as you place advertisements on your website, you can place image ads of affiliate products as well. Most, if not all companies will provide their email messages and image ads for their affiliates so there is really no work to do at all. Just some copy/paste of the codes to your websites or emails and there you go. How much money will you make with this depends on how much people come to your website.

Regardless of what niche you are present in with your blog, the biggest network of digital products is ClickBank.com. It is usually far easier to sell digital products then physical ones and commissions mostly go as high as 70% for every sale that you make. Isn’t this just great? You can of course try to sell physical products as well, and Amazon Associates and

Commission Junction are two of the most used companies out there. Joining with them is easy and generally everyone gets accepted, but you do have to own a website first.


This is how money is easily made online. The niches to discover are countless and questions to answer as well. Once you are fully in the online business with your website you can explore more options to get more money from it. For now, the steps in this book are an absolute golden rule to follow as they are the basic strong foundation of your website for future development.


Just be wise and do things every day as I have described it in the book. What do you think about it? Does it really seem like hard work or is it quite simple if you keep on going? It is simple if you keep on going. Not everyone will start making money soon, and some may start making it later, but everyone who will keep updating their website and get some links to it on its own will make money sooner or later. How much time you dedicate is up to you, but life is about freedom so do not make it into another tedious task for yourself. If you dedicate 1 – 2 hours per day you will move ahead at a decent speed and have your dreams a reality in less than one year. Remember that you will start to make money the first month and grow from there on.

To your success,

Jesse Tylor


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